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Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimonty about our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God, who saved us to a holy calling."

2 Timothy 1: 7-8

Living your Best Life: Singles Edition & Practical tips

Single and living my best life?! Yessss I am huntyyyyy!

I am single and truly living my best-est life with my God the Father! 

In this world all of us, whether we’ve stopped for a moment to realise it or not, we are searching for a deep inner peace that stays. A place where conviction doesn’t  exist, a place where worries and stresses of this world, that although may be present, do not affect us and we simply wake up joyful. This is the type of joy that living my life for God and currently being single has truly allowed me to find and live my best life. This is a deep happiness of joy from within that comes from the covering of God to block out the distractions and noise that I’m all too familiar with ie boys that seize my attention, when God has asked me as a virgin to focus on him (1 Corinthians 7: 34-35) so he can do the things in my life that He knows how to do best, in order for me to become that virtuous woman of God I know I was created to be. He has gifted me with this covering through my embracing of my singleness to focus on him before it comes time to focus on my husband (1 Corinthians 7: 34-35) because when he arrives, He above would have made me in to his wife. The glory will be all His as the wife I become will be because of these types of single seasons and the lessons God has taught me which has deepened my understanding of what it means to have a healthy relationship, maintain one and He has blessed me with the revelation of these  in actual form through our relationship – how amazing is God that He does that all in one move! Que the chariot called marriage! 

If you haven’t checked out the corresponding video which shares my #NoBoysAllowed Update, go watch it now – But for the most part of 4 years, approaching 5 years, I have been single, no commitments! I was seeing people before and was in a “relationship” last year, and I say it with quotations because when someone pulls you away from God and are deceitful about their character and therefore isn’t the person who they say they are, then the question of whether a relationship really existed with that person is a legit one as no relationship should entertain both of those things as they are not present in your relationship with God our father and we look to imitate that as when we get married we take our eyes of that relationships and transfer it to our husbands. Deceit and pushing you further away from God are two MASSIVE red flags a person shouldn’t ignore as they are weapons of the devil to derail you, and are not the fruitfulness of God! Take heed and flee! 

That is another story for another time, but God really mainly used that relationship to begin my celibacy journey with the right frame of mind and to truly make it count and not to do it “just because the bible says so”. God used it to teach me two things mainly that are crucial in life in general once your really grasps the conepts and use it for your advantage:

1) When given grace, the joy and blessings that come from God when you honour him and don’t do anything that goes against is honestly beyond your wildest of dreams

2) The key of Obedience opens many doors that grace can walkthrough, especially when it comes time to honour him.


So right now I am indeed as single as they can get. Now millienials like to put a new spin on everything, so when I mean single, I mean single! No person i’m ‘kinda’ talking to, no old fame to I wish to rekindle tucked away, no entertaining of ‘hey bighead’ texts – literally no one but God occupys this space and I am as happy as I could ever be to the point that at times (more times than I care to admit lol) I completely shy away from the idea of marriage. I shy away because although I desire the next stage of my life, I know something will have to give when it comes time to get married either my my husband or God and God has been very clear about who I should face when that decison comes about because He has joined us together in marriage for a new purpose in our lives that we need to complete together as help-meets and I will need to pour in to that relationship to get back to God in the way I am familiar with now. So I will miss this vast amount of time I spend with God (enormously) as relationships are consuming of your time, energy and emotions that I just soley at this moment want to pour in to my current relationship with God to establish myself for the ministry I am called currently whilst I am single on my own so God can trust me before I become a wife and become a ministry together with my husband with the little before he gives me the large (Luke 16:10). So I am lonesome in this physical journey and have been abstinent to no kissing, touching, NADA for about a year. A true year of no boys allowed nd and boy did that year fly by so fast when you do not focus on it and you’re just simply having fun with God every single day that your look forward to the next day, then the next and then BOOM it’s another year!! This time has only been possible becuase of God as he was the carrying me through each day spiritually and physically and giving me strength in both these areas at the differnet points in the year that I needed it- which has been more than sufficient even when I didn’t know it.

Of course everyones journey to marriage and through singleness is differnt but one thing stands true in all our stories and is that God really uses this sinlge time and fellowship with Him to transform you permanently in a way unimaginable and will forever be priceless to you. It is time you will never get back once you move in to the new chapter of marriage so see it as a blessing and use it well (James 1: 2-4)


12 Practical Tips

The tips below are in afdition to my video, but these are my tips to keep the reassurance of God and His truths in my heart and that I use to combat the devil when he tries to kill steal and destroy my peace about being celibate and single in this time and is what this post and my YouTube video centres on – These are the practical tips that we can apply to not just only our celibacy journey, but other journies that we are going through in our Christian walk – I pray God translates this to any area of your life that it is needed in Jesus name, Amen:

  1. First and foremost: KEEP DILIGENT ABOUT GOD’S BUSINESS! You bored? Read the bible? You bored? Watch YouTube sermons. You anxious, pray. You’re doubting or your faith is weary, stir your spirit with faith that can move a mountain. Once you carry His heart, God’s worries of this world and woes will be downloaded in to your heart and will occupy your time as He begins to step in and let him shape you for your purpose. The devil makes work for idle hands. You worried about a specific part of your walk, find guidance from his word or people who know it.
  2. Leading me on to the need to Fellowship/grow relationships with Godly counsel. In plain and simple terms – make your core friends God’s people who edify and encourage you based on the word not their ‘opinion’ as a lot of people in this world have opinions, that does not mean it is facts – facts is the bible. I am going to unpack this one a little more than the others as this one is so cruicial especially as milenials who like to enjoy this life with our friends, not knowing they are the ones holding you back. It is so important what you feed your mind and walk with as that food will start to digest when you are alone with your thoughts and will dictate heavily (subconciously and consicously) how easy or how hard your walk is. Side note: If your friends are having sex around you AND THIS IS YOUR BIGGEST AREA OF WEAKNESS – RUN FOREST RUN!! SO GOD CAN BE YOUR HELPER (AMOS 5: 14-15)!! It comes up in the bible a lot about the importance of counsel (Proverbs 11: 14)  Surrounding yourself with the right people is extremely important as we are set apart (salt), we are different and part of a kingdom that is not of this world meaning the encouragement and standards that get set need to come from our kingdom not this world. Of course in life this applies across the board, but more so at the early stages of your stand and walk with Christ as you can’t be surrounded with people who are lukewarm as you will dilute yourself, you need to be around people who are on fire for God and stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new church friends is a great place as any to start if you don’t think you can do this walk physcially alone. This is so important as what you feed yourself is what you will be, ‘show me your friends and i will tell you who you are’, if you have friends who are still walking in sin, iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27: 17) and as you both are “weak” you will be sharpening eachother with your limitations of your weakness and devious lustful thoughts. But when you are accountable to people who are on fire for God (not perfect, on fire – massive difference) they will combat the straying thoughts and flesh desires with the truth and spirit of God and replace the lies an temptations of the devil and our flesh as we walk in spirit not flesh (2 Corinthians 10:3-5) The bible speaks about in the multitude of counsellors there is safety (Proverbs 15:22) – cannot stress this enough!! Safety from doors and cracks in windows opening to let the devil come in to your life, thoughts and actions through things such as seeds of doubt being planted by your friends or after hearing about your friends doing the ‘deed’ etc when you need to keep focused on point one – keep diligent about God’s business. If you don’t have Christians friends that you can confide in like that, pray for God to give them to you and whilst you wait (because alothough God can do it overnight, it may not happen that way) start to cut off the people laying bad seeds and surround yourself with friends/family who respect you, your walk, change of mind and your new boundaries. Once you start doing that and signalling to heaven you are faithful with the little (Luke 16: 10), and start demonstrating you are happy to stand for him and make way for the new, he will devlier exceedingly and abundantly. Trust me God will replace them with better friends if need be as it benefits Him as He will have more productivity in building His kingdom as you’re working together. Be around friends that whilst you’re weak in your flesh to sexual desire (or any sin) you will have friends who will not have conversations about these things with you or around you and who encourage you in the wrong way even by their actions and inability to step away from sin themselves when they know better, as you can easily start to compare yourself to someone’s lack of strength and say ‘oh I can’t do it just like so and so’ or say subliminally ‘if so and so can’t do it, I surely can’t’ and then fall and abuse grace yet you know better – NO! God has another calling for you remember that. Standing for God will never leave you without or lacking for anything that God won’t restore when the time is right, with double fold! 
  3. Remember “I am his bridegroom so I am never ever alone” – That’s one thing we forget as christians and especially during this walk, keep that sentence repeated on your lips! Keep thanks in your heart and fix your jewels girl (Isaiah 61:10)
  4. Remember ‘I am truly free!‘ From people bondage, from wasted investments, failed relationships and free from walking through gates like rejection for it to be used by the devil to enter my heart. You are free from the envy of others getting married and seemingly finding their soulmate because you know yours is coming! (Galatians 5: 1)
  5. Leads me on to the benefits which will be evident in the long run of obedience being practiced in this short and temporary season, which is crucial to make you perfect through your tests (James 1: 2-4). 
  6. This obedience and new understanding of it destroy your fleshly lustful desires and celibacy now becomes less of an issue till. God created boundaries to not ‘awaken love before the right time (Songs of Solomon 8: 4) trust him with the unknown.
  7. God intends for seasons just as these to be silent so you can hear and be tested. We know after we pass a test we can move on to a greater level and it’s the same, must revise/must practice obedience and surrender and then we move up to this we can responsibly handle. (Luke 16:10)
  8. Me and God are co-d’s! I have built up such a bond and relationship with God that I actually fear getting in to marriage as I know I will have to get naked and vulnerable all over again like I have had to do with God, but now to someone physcial who can actually talk back straight away?! eeshh lol
  9. I get to know myself all over again, but through the manufactures guide – I get to break the mould of this world and allow the true potter to reform me inline with who I was always suppose to be. I get to know myself through God’s eyes, the one who made me who knew the plans for me before I was even formed. Who better than the creator of a iPhone to tell you how a iPhone works? 
  10. I get to now love me even more in a new and different way because I now can understand my value in God, not just what I may bring to the table physically and being to the table from the perspective of the world. I am an investment as I am a royalty, I am a royal priesthood of a kingdom, do you know who my father is? He loved me first to create me, I am 
  11. My mind has been unboxed and transformed. I believe in the impossible, do you know what that feels like? Not to even doubt it?
  12. Realised how and what I have been called to do which is different from having the revelation of your purpose. God gives it to you in stages and this single stage is when God gave me my next.


Testimony Time

See once you really get to know God, just as with your relationship with your best friend, you truly begin to carry his heart burdens and desires, if God is grieved, you are grieved. You really begin to want to meet him one day and when that day comes you just want to run to him and sit as a child at their parent’s feet and share what they’ve done with their day or life and them be just as happy and proud of you, as you are of yourself and your accomplishments. To do that we have to remain blameless and I am on a constant joureny of ensuring I have the correct heart posture (examine yourself scripture) to serve him in everything, even in my single life. 

God told me when I was 21 sitting in my uni church lecture hall boo’d up what My purpose was but I wasn’t ready or convinced he could be talking about little old me! I’m now going on 25 now and have accepted, walked in to and am being prepared for that very calling and I am single. God cleared the room to make the space. Only now has God revealed the purpose of the ministry and what I am called to do and my single season is cultivating and qualifying me to complete and fulfil my ministry properly unapologetically where I die with nothing left to be said (2Tim 4:1-7). To preach the word and make the diluted and misunderstood truth about who Jesus is correct in our hearts and minds on how to be christians in the 21st century using Biblical principles. 

Testimony: I have been single for the most part of I’d say about 4 and a half years where God has been transforming me in unimagienable ways as I became more and more of a living sacrifice in different areas of my life at different stages. God really started to strip back, break down and remove forcefully majority of my long term friendships. So I’m not out here in these streets with my worldly friends living my best life, I am out here living my best life because I am praising and giving God the praise and honour due for the peace, joy and love he pours in to me in this time. 

Being truly single, and being completely  dis-attached from men/women, sin, sinners, by creating boundaries during this time that build your foundation of the manifestation of your purpose in life is absolutely crucial during this time. 

1 Corinthians 7 states what our heart right posture and position should be whilst we wait for God’s very best which is to focus on him till the time your husband becomes your husband or your wife becomes your wife. That means no distractions should fill that time waiting, no bad relationships should be entertained or cultivated, no living in sin – but letting God prepare all that is necessary in you and your spouse during this time because you are in a place of purity, obedience and diligence towards God’s business to reap and benefit from the harvest of your single season/sewing season. 

This generation of milenials are so disillusioned because we want to be part of a culture that is destroying our souls and heart towards God (Galatians 4:16) and we want to be in the know, yet not learn what it truly means it is to be and live in a relationship with Christ? We compromise and don’t even know it and want to be single and mix, singing the latest music which glorifies the Devil, but because they’re just words and I claim and accept Jesus that’s okay? Wrong. We are responsible for what we let in our minds and hearts because sin has a tendency not come and present itself in big old letters saying SIN for us to identify it, it come in little and discreet ways and penetrates the heart before you’ve even realised it’s in there, and now you’re making excuses for it. Break free! 

 It was difficult being the first of many around me immediately and distantly (cause you know Instagram/social media extends your social circle) to stand for Christ the way I do because I learnt very quickly not everyone is willing to grow with you and not everyone can come along, so I have had to do this alone for the most part of which I am extremely grateful for as I have no time to waste as this life is limited to get me to eternity which is what I focus on. As I am young, the world tells me I should be living my best life in what this world deems it is at this age of doing the upmost of worldly things having meaningless and self-appeasing relationships and breaking new boundaries with no one to reign me in and tell me no as everyone is just as wild, young and free so they can’t speak out and be hypocrites! 

No, God has raised a standard in me that I am unwilling to shake and unwilling to put aside to appease this world and the people in it. If that means God needs to continue to place me in an isolation period to raise a generation of people who understand relationships better because of the one I have with Him, then so be it! If God has to continue to cloak me till the time is right for my Adam to find me then so be it! If God has to continue to remove friends/relationship that do not fellowship or reverence him as wise counsel should then let them go and so be it! 

I am standing my ground, just as the devil stands his and this battle is God’s to be victorious in because I have yielded myself to him to use me as he wishes so the glory is his too. When I was a baby Christian that lacked understanding, it was very hard to surrender my single-ness to God because I had ideas of what my husband was gonna be and look like, friends that were gonna be in my life forever and at points even used His word to get to that conclusion! But I had to get vulnerable and naked in front of him to work in me and realise I cannot choose myself I will choose wrong and I am not in control of this if I know that! To allow God to allow that truth to set in my heart and accept whoever he brings and what we he looks like physically. I had to break this mindset down and say I am not choosing God and that God should prepare him and I separately and present us to one another like Esther. I had to get face down at his altar and let him rip apart the ideas of relationships this world has formed and how I think I can choose using my own eyes and flesh and had to usher Him in to choose for me and I be in a place where I accept! 

I know God’s best for me will be my very best as marriage means I am moving in to another mission that this earlier part of my life was preparing me for and I cannot wait as I am single and living my best life with the God who can do anything! Isn’t that amazing? 

I have grown deeper in my faith in so many unexpected ways such as even exploring the true meaning of music and its purpose to worship. I am on a journey where now I’m listening to gospel music 90% of my time going from someone who didn’t know a Christian artist accept for Kirk franklin and Mary Mary etc and I expect God to continue to increase that % as he prepares me for what is to come!!! I encourage you to walk in this way ladies and gents as I promise you, you will never regret it or look back.

I will do a video or blog on different branches of this single walk such as not settling and God preparing and presenting you using a bible studies which will be part of the #NoBoysAllowed series and I’m excited for but in God’s very timing, as always. 

Remember: ‘You have the right to do anything’- you say, but not everything is beneficial (1 Corinthians 6:12)

Till next time. M.E



Scriptures in order of appearance:

  • 1 Corinthians 7: 34-35
  • Luke 16:10
  • Proverbs 11: 14
  • Amos 5: 14-15
  • Proverbs 27: 17
  • 2 Corinthians 10:3-5
  • Proverbs 15:22
  • Isaiah 61:10
  • Galatians 5: 1
  • James 1: 2-4
  • Songs of Solomon 8: 4
  • Galatians 4:16
  • 1 Corinthians 6:12

People & Relationships: Forgiveness (Pt 1)

The older I get, the smaller my circle gets. Common truth of many but most definitely is the realest of truths and so it should be. Also more obviously, once you get married you have one egg in your one basket for the rest of your life. Why? Well I wish to explore just that. The marriage analogy is somewhat more widely understood (yet at the same time so misunderstood, different time different place), however the friendship one is something that I believe we as a generation who focus on marriage a lot forget the importance of everything else that contributes heavily to your relationship with God and the building of his kingdom  – this is all your relations with all types of people. I begin with the understanding that both have a lot, if not everything, to do with increasing your the ability to focus more intensely on what God’s will is over your life ultimately and more specifically to help you clear the room out of noise and distractions to focus on the day-to-day situations he places you in order to achieve it as he calls us to focus on today as tomorrow has its own worries (Matthew 6: 34). God will call for a a heightened increase at times in your life of your faith and commitment to be transformed for his call over your life through means of your marriage, friendships, jobs etc and if your focus is tunnel vision on God in these relationships he has given, the people He uses will begin to teach us heavenly lessons and begin stretching our character to shape us to achieve His will. The commitment to focus on God (via the passage of the relationships we stick out) and our investment investment in these relationships will ensure the fruit of the relationships are good and in turn builds his kingdom by continually by the character he creates who revealing who Christ is, even in difficult circumstances where we may find it hard to forgive.

Two fundamental facts I do know that helps me focus is 1) Everything has its own time and its own season and 2) as humans, and more so when you accept Christ and become a living sacrifice, we are God’s property to be used to his will – as and when He wishes and the hard truth many people fail to understand or reject is that it can be for our benefit or not at all for our benefit but for your neighbours. God uses real people and relationships to do his work husbands, wives, friends, family, work colleagues, fellow car drivers, ordinary public transport commuters to do His physical work to mould you. He firstly uses people to create a self awareness and show you things about yourself you can’t see. Your strengths and weakness’ in your character even hard hidden hearts hence why relationships and interactions with people bring out the best and the absolute worst in you. God intentionally charges Rebecca, Larry, Kemi and Folu and that ‘wicked’ manager at work with missions that are directly related to your destiny to build your character and we need to think of whether we are being attentive enough to do something with this information and endure the uncomfortable situation God is asking you to be still in. Whether the people God uses know their mission or not, HE is intentional with who He allows to be in your life even when you choose correctly and incorrectly, He turns it around because we know the plans he has for us are good (Jeremiah 29: 11). We need to be more naked in these intentional long term relationships (marriage/friendships/family) to achieve the ultimate plan over our lives hence why circles get smaller. You can’t open your heart and be naked in front of everyone as we are called to guard our hearts (Proverbs 4: 23) as the issues of life flow from there. Giving everyone or anyone the access to your nakedness empowers the enemy to use it against you and exposes you to a hard heart which harbours unforgiveness amongst other wounds that need to be healed for those who never should have been there.

Jesus at key moments in the Bible, such as the mount of transfiguration (Luke 9: 28- 36) only kept James, Peter and John around him although he had 12 disciples – not everyone is going where you’re going, many are called few are chosen (Matthew 22: 14) and knowing this gives you the power to prevent rather than cure. If Judas who Jesus still loved and kept as a friend was let in to the fold of his heart like Peter, James and John can you imagine the deep cut of that betrayal Jesus would have felt? Cover up your heart and start discerning why and who is your circle. Let God choose your husband or wife. Nakedness in our relationships is such a powerful weapon against the enemy so we are not being used or distracted to seal our own fate. It allows us to show us ourselves for who we are to help God help you to see the flaws in ourselves voluntarily (so it is more effective) to yield yourself to him so He can fix it and fill the holes this life creates in your heart and mind and make you whole again but in Him who stands still (Malachi 6: 1), is faithful and can never fail you. He uses people to challenge us and can create awkward, irritating and tense environments for you to grow and build your character in Him by being obedient to what he has called for you to do when facing testing or hurtful situations in marriages and friendships. Lean on him because you have him, surrender to Him to use of the relationships you have to feel the stretching of his call on your life. So naturally be expectant of movement, be expectant of change, be expectant of growth through people as that’s where God does his best work and we must stay still to see it out and love people ultimately and turn for them to slap the right cheek after they’ve slapped the left all to serve. Be diligent and focused on how to deliver on God’s desire when he orchestrates the relationships he brings us to and allows us to enjoy as a by-product of his will over your life. We are imperfect, frail and human, in other words we will fail and we should have our expectations in God but when we fail at this sometimes we find it hard to forgive and this is crippling.

After understanding the uses of people in our lives, we need to remember that the flesh and spirit, heaven and hell, you and the enemy are always at constant war (Romans 8) there are ways to strike down the weapons formed against you (to act, speak and think Christ-like) but the final weapon we can use in a battle we walk in flesh, but do not fight with our flesh (2 Corinthians 10: 3-4 ) is to use forgiveness. This is can be the final decider when the flesh seems to be winning. If we do not understand it’s true power it becomes either non-existent (you are unforgiving) or the sword is blunt (lack of understanding thinking its about the other person) and does no damage to cast down the plans of the devil for your destruction. It is a common and frequent disguised tool the devil uses to derail you from focusing on who God is creating you to be through the relationships and people around you is your lack of understanding of what it means to forgive, who and what its for and then to actually forgive. This is a two-step process that when we are being led by our flesh and are headstrong and proud, it is very difficult if not impossible to draw on the humility you need to use this weapon effectively. We as kingdom seekers look long term and forgiveness is a long term goal orientated weapon as you can change the past, what someone has done or hasn’t done to you but with forgiveness you have the power to change your future irrespective of today or yesterday. – we do no set our eyes on man’s eternity which is simply a life of 80+ of we are lucky, we set our eyes on God’s eternity which forgiveness gives access.

If you hold on to things that God is asking you to move on from, you’re stressing yourself out unnecessarily and will get stuck in a place of disobedience where nothing is fruitful there. God’s voice becomes so unfamiliar as you continue to ignore instructions and then the final one of forgive regarding a situation that once before God’s voice was so clear on. Also on the flip-side if you let go too soon because you can’t take the heat then you miss the lesson or don’t gain what you need to move you to the next season so God will repeat the same lesson again and again and give us the same opportunity to pass this test – the only thing that will be different is the details. He won’t move you to the next stage until you pull out what he is asking you to pull down from heaven. We get it stuck in our tiny little human minds in comparisons to Gods, that we just simply can’t forgive! No, no way, I can’t! He did that and I’m supposed to just go on and just forgive him?! She said and then did this and I’M SUPPOSED TO FORGIVE?!?! The simple answer is yes and for just one simple reason, you are able to live because God loved you first and forgives every secret, public, private, despicable, unholy, disrespectful, immoral, degrading, humiliating thing you do when you are unsaved and even when you tell the world you know him and do these things which embarrasses him and allows the devil to use things like that to his advantage – HE STILL FORGIVES YOU. In other words he gives you grace. How much grace are you showing others when this is the level God is gracing you with? If we are unforgiving of others because we don’t understand the level and depth of forgiveness God has for us, let me just quickly clear this up and clarify it for you – He forgives you for any and everything. Period point blank. No if’s. No buts. No maybes. So if God can who the hell are we and why can’t we when we are makers and creators of nothing!!


I know as humans when we have sinned against God especially when the spirit is weak and we ignore our convictions or the explicit word we are overcome with a sense of shame and guilt that we just wanna run away from God and hide from his sight to cover up the dirt from his magnificent eyes, but baby-love he sees all of it. There is no where to hide so what you gonna do about it? continue to live in sin or ask for a forgiveness that brings strength to not do it again? One actually brings action the other does nothing. I know which opportunity one I’d rather seize as my inherently and fundamentally flawed human being self..

When we can’t sense the spirit registering this level of mercy and can’t let this sink in to act on it, it does become very difficult to show others the same mercy as you haven’t even allowed yourself to be shown it by God. It’s still there if you want it, so don’t punish yourself and others for your inability to go naked before God and surrender and then punish someone else by your actions of ‘un-forgiveness’ towards them, with the same fate that you chose willingly which is to hide and not address it to move on. God by his very nature is love and that’s why he forgives you, He embodies it, gives it first which is why we are even able to appreciate and love him as he loves and forgives us when we are so unworthy of it. Your friend may be unworthy but do it. He loves you irrespective of you loving him back. He knows nothing but Agape love towards you, which is what we as Christians, Christ followers and imitators need to start showing people. Unconditional love and grace to those who do not deserve it or even give it back to you. A love that is sacrificial of your own feelings and agenda’s of the flesh  as your spirit knows that in loving this way it builds the kingdom of God and does no turn people away, it brings them closer. The parable of the prodigal son describes this perfectly.


Parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15: 11 -32)

Jesus used parables which are made up stories to teach and illustrate spiritual things to his disciples and those who could not understand it if he was just to say it as simply as it was, so if you do not know the story of the prodigal son, I would highly recommend you read it and be lead by the spirit to encounter the revelation directly through God’s words himself and it’s about 2 sons and a father. One son decides to take his inheritance from his living father and leaves his house and blows it on all things worldly whilst the other son stayed at home and continued to serve the fathers land etc. The son was so lost in the worldly things he got himself caught up in it got to a point he was living and eating with pigs as he had no money and had nothing but pride as he did  not want to return to his fathers home as he was ashamed. I’m sure once realising that when you have nothing, your father (heavenly father) is everything you have, and he decided to return home to his father and his brother. His father welcomed him with open arms and had a feast/party for him and shared how he had forgiven him the moment he walked out his door. There is another angle regarding the second son, but different lesson, for a different day.

The parable principle of forgiving someone the moment they do it is the key part of this story. That sort of forgiveness only can come from humility and possessing a love that builds a home and does not destroy it. A love that builds the Kingdom of God, not darkness. The father in the story knew nothing of the sinful things the son did with his hard earned money, the beggars life the boy lived and the hardships he suffered but as the person forgiving he needed not know these things in order to forgive. He didn’t need to know that the son has suffered from his wrong mistake, the son had been punished spiritually and emotionally, that the son has been taught the lessons, the father just as a faithful servant of God who knows he fights and deals with people on our behalf, knew that he must forgive him 1) to move on with his life in the present and not be in a place outside of God’s protection because of disobedience and would think evil and bad thoughts about his ungrateful child, and 2) for the bigger picture in the future, so he was able to welcome him back home accordingly in a loving way that will make him want to stay home. He builds a home, not destroys it, Are we as witness and God’s megaphones on this earth forgiving and loving people in a way that they want to know the God we serve to come and dwell with Him in the Kingdom and are we forgiving and loving so that God is ready to welcome them home after he sorts them out in a way we can’t see but trust he will and won’t question it as who are we? We need to when we forgive stay focused on our witness and what are actions and reactions are illustrating to the world of believers and unbelievers. We set standards by our conduct – is it the right one your setting by actually forgiving in your heart first to let it show on the outside?

As the parable of the Prodigal son shows, forgiveness was giving well in advance of the son ‘s return home even after all that he had done because of the love between them. Because of the agape unconditional love we are called to show other people (Matthew 5: 44) when they lie, persecute, hurt or sin against you, we have the ability through humility which is a love trait (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) to forgive and welcome them back home with open arms as if they had not done anything. That is the same eyes of forgiveness that God see’s us through and is the second part in the two step process of forgiveness – actually forgiving them in way that is is forgotten as love has no memory of wrong (1 Corinthians 13: 4-8) and we need to break that worldly saying of ‘Forgive and don’t forget’ as we know God fights our battles and if you forgive and they do it again, God see that and he is the judge and executioner, we are called to do nothing but sit still (Exodus 14: 14) and do what we are instructed which is to be Christ-like and forgiving 77x (Matthew 18: 21-22) as we need to be focused on the other persons salvation coming through our witness of showing them that there is a God we serve that is bigger than us who has given us a power to not react in a way that is natural to this world and still have peace about a situation and be happy and secondly we know that we forgive for ourselves so that we have no sinful feeling, emotions that promote our flesh and ourselves when we are supposed to be front-line kingdom of God fighters.

I have a love hate relationship with this notion of a circle getting smaller – love to love it as I invest more of myself in to the relationships I have and get back much better quality friendships, but hate the feeling of having let down someones expectations of friendships as we are taught to believe they are supposed to last forever. This illusion is true to a certain extent as of course God wants you to build his kingdom with like minded people (Amos 3: 3) but the reality is that people change, people grow, people evolve. So nonetheless you must guard your heart above all else. I struggled with the idea that when I cut people off i’m also feeding into this worlds ideas of how people who once were family are now strangers, which without even considering can unconsciously chip in to our idea of our relationship with God and how he might abandon you or you will leave him and it all sets in as you start to become less and less familiar with Him the more you practice cutting off relationships, especially God intended ones. However, the beauty of obedience and as I grow and more mature in Him spiritually, the more comfortable and at ultimate peace I feel about the people that come and sometimes leave my life because ultimately we know everyone ain’t heading to the same destination as you so does that mean you get off a their stop? No you keep pushing. This is the only secret I have to share – just keep going.

God will start to weed away friends for you expectedly and unexpectedly. The unexpected weeding, well that one will be the friends that how you stopped speaking, why you stopped speaking and why you still don’t speak doesn’t make sense and life long friendships shouldn’t of ended like that, but they are the friends God’s clearing out your life and your room as they are occupying mind and heart space that God needs to take back. He needs more of you before you even know its him that is taking it back and removing friends because you’ve pushed him so far out of the picture you can’t hear feel or see him any longer. God needs to clear our workloads, help us by making us unemployed, help up us by giving up our idols of this world, make us friend-less, boyfriend/girlfriend-less and unseen to the world to give us tunnel vision to focus  on Him. He wants us to re-calibrate our thinking and seek him as the new occupant of this time and space to let (Matthew 6: 33) and then he slowly but surely when its His perfect time, will reveal it is him everything else be added – and hindsight will be a beautiful thing.

The hardest expected transition of friends and weeding them away is the wordly friends you still have after your saved because to complete the purpose of your life are the type of friends you need at this point are solely the one the bible describes as the ones where you will be safe in wise counsel (Proverbs 11: 14) and you will forgive and discuss the offence and move on (Matthew 18: 15). A brother who you can both grow together through that nakedness we discussed but remember God is intentional above all. There is a reason why wordly friends stick around only a short while after the re-birth in Christ as they are they to teach you many things about mainly serve as a reminder how different and set apart you are now so you can perceive what God is doing as you should (Isaiah 43: 19). Remember God uses people and circumstances, so you need to seize the opportunity to practice building up your spirit of discernment between worldly friends and brothers and sisters in Christ because the two might look the same on the outside but very different on the inside and will change you by their very presence in your life by the accountability they bring.

So whilst you still have your worldly friends be sensitive to what God is calling you to be and say in their lives but you need to be forgiving of the not met expectations you had of your worldly friends, which is that they will grow with you as you do but that is just not the case when it comes to spiritual matters. It will feel like you are loosing something, but you need to let that idea go, forgive them in your heart for not being that best friend for life you both promised you would be, that isn’t by any fault of their own but their season with you is over and you need to hold on tight with both hands for the journey God is about to take you on. Wordly friends will distract and disrupt the plans God has for you as they still want to do things which we can’t and hate to do because its not their time to be called yet (and we keep praying after we leave they get called!) but those things you did with them before we now repulse because you know our God. You carry his heart and the things of it, meaning you despise the things he does, and this will be a tough time as your identity is changing but be sure and encouraged your identity and who you are is shaping and moulding in to something better. Breaking away from from worldly friends is especially hard in the era we live with social media, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc reminding you of your old life, old friends and old ways constantly but stay focused and remember in that you are signalling to heaven you are committed and ready for the next step in the process.

Cutting them off can conflict with your mandate and call to be a witness of God and his love of all people and types but know that some people can’t and will never be able to hack/take/comprehend the Jesus you know who has made you a new creature because it requires them to change and make sacrifice of the wordly things they know and love when they were never willing to forfeit, but you were and that is fine. Keep getting to know this Jesus and be set apart (Matthew 5: 13-16) and as you know, salt is flavouring and adds seasoning but not one grain of salt can do that alone, God will bless and restore the friends you’ve lost with Godly friends who will stretch you with God, challenge you to do better, encourage and inspire your faith which will increase your witness and will stick closer than a brother (meaning be better friends than the ones you knew) as they will become your Kingdom family who will war together the flesh (Proverbs 18: 24). The whole of Proverbs will tell you the value the wise and brotherhood relationships that build not only you to be the person God called, but builds you for your family’s sake, your careers sake and for the Kingdom of God to advance it in every way imaginable and unimaginable.  Love, forgive and hold on to these friends as the devil wants to destroy these ones the most as it pushes God first before anything.


The next part will be “People & Relationships: Transformation” which alongside the friendships angle, we will discuss more about marriage from this perspective as I focused more on friendships in this part 1.

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Happy Fathers day Our Heavenly Father: Honouring thy Mother and thy Father

As fathers day is fast approaching this Sunday, I started to reflect on the importance of why this is the first commandment with a promise attached to it that we should honour our father and our mothers (Ephesians 6: 2-3). I went on to look at the way this scripture was intentional with the wording and structure (This is extremely important when you are learning how to read the bible to understand the language and intention of God which I will do a post on separately) and came to realise that honouring our fathers came before honouring our mothers in the sequence of words used. This made so much sense to me spiritually as Our Heavenly father is the one we seek to honour daily with our lives and therefore because our fathers are the ones that are currently (or should have been) leading our homes in a way that shapes us to be who we are today to honour God accordingly. Society seems to focus a lot on Mothers day and naturally a lot more honouring is done on that day because 9/10 we feel more emotionally and physically connected to our loving and affectionate mothers who have a natural maternal instinct and they carried and knew us first in this world. However it made me realise how easily we fail to understand that without both parents, regardless of the life experiences or status of your relationships now, our mothers would have never been our mother to love and cherish the way we do if our fathers didn’t exist, same way if God didn’t create this world in the very beginning there would be nothing to have dominion over and we would not be here. Therefore the same honouring and appreciation is due on to your father too. Honour is also a form of thanksgiving and thanksgiving is rich in value in the Kingdom of God, and fathers day to give thanks and much value to your relationship with your father. Love and appreciation are change agents, they can add and turn around any situation you you thought that couldn’t be changed because of the power of a simple thank-you that screams a million and one things.

Ephesians 6: 1 reads:

 “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honour your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise—“so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

The bible instructs us to walk obediently in this that we must honour both, so we must also remember that if this is happening in the physical, something is most definitely happening in the spiritual as that’s where we should be discerning and calling out the enemy by name and biding the havoc he is trying to cause back to the Kingdom of Darkness that it came from. When we praise God our father, he is being honoured with our thanksgiving (Psalm 69: 30), ladies and gents it is time we honour our father, it is time to honour as we honour God our parents – more importantly honour our fathers in same measure we honour our mothers on mothers day because as the bible says in 1 John 4: 20 “If anyone says I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.” your brother are those around you, you can’t love your mother and hate (or show less love in some instances) to your father and say you love God, it is a lie the devil has got you to believe! You can’t love God truly without being obedient to his word which is to honour your mother and father, no matter what as there ain’t no ‘if hes not present’ or if buts and maybes in the scripture and we are obedient first before we are anything.

We must continue to remind ourselves that also in the spiritual God is the mother and father (and judge of widows – Psalm 68: 5), illustrating the physical importance of needing to honour both so that you are able to honour God accordingly in the spiritual as having a lack of respect or honour for one parent physically will alter and hinder all the respect and hon our that is truly due on to God in the spiritual as we should walk in spirit not flesh, so that is the most important realm to consider here. when you honour your parents, you are actually honouring God in the spiritual just like as we know, when we submit on to our husbands ladies we are actually submitting on to God, hence why God is the judge to widows once their husbands depart he gets you to focus back on honouring him in the spiritual and physical as his physical representation is gone but the need to still honour still exists – this is why the enemy tries to attack relationships as healthy, functioning, positive relationships that make you grow are dangerous to the kingdom of Darkness as they know that will reflect in your spiritual relationship with God, also why the greatest commandment is to love God and then those around you as all the laws hang on to these two things (Matthew 22: 36-40) where love exists, where relationships grow especially parental and martial ones being the two most attacked relationships as theses are so crucial to building a good home on a foundation of God (Psalm 127: 1) it is extremely important to gate-keep with God (Nehemiah 7: 1-2), guard our hearts against the devil hardening them (Proverbs 4:23), turn the other cheek to not do wrong to another because of the evil one’s trickery in to using you as a weapon for his works (Matthew 5: 39), the list is endless but it is all in order to maintain a healthy idea of what a relationship should truly look like which is love which conquers all and so the Kingdom of God is advanced and the devil loses. God lives in people meaning the relationships we hold with one another really is a relationship that mirrors in the spiritual to having a healthier relationship with Christ as he is everywhere and in everything and everyone.

The devil always will attack directly what God has instructed you to be obedient about, he’ll go straight to the source and try to uproot the understanding of what it is in your mind so that you 1. begin to forget why you must do it and he’ll attempt to distract you with the busyness of ‘life’ to make it seem like an effort 2.  and that “busyness” depletes our energy, especially if we are giving our energy to the wrong things and then you are too to confront his demons – he uses the desire of our flesh that promote thy self to do both of these things that’s why we must fix our minds on God things and fill our energy up with it (Philippians 4: 6-8). Our destiny depends on this effort and energy. someones destiny in the spiritual and the physical can be destroyed without even knowing it because they focused on the wrong thing, he knows that if he breaks, destroys, taints and creates hard hearts towards your earthly father also that you will never be cable to have a warm, open, submissive and loving heart towards your father who you trust entirely because you know that the plans he has for you were good, even before you were formed in the womb (Jeremiah 1: 5) – so if knowing this we must discern and ask ourselves, why would my God , our father who loves us unconditionally and beyond our own imagination, would he it is because the devil is a liar and seeks to destroy your understanding of the importance of the relationships and moves you make on earth, and deceive you in to thinking its okay to be bitter, hard, and not respectful to someone who may have not been what you expected, but remember that expectation comes from knowing the capability and the love of your heavenly father, who to be honest put you through storms and season – but do we not still trust and build a relation ship with him through it all and see at the end how it was for our own good and how perfectly his plan worked out? that spiritual mindset and walk we have with our Heavenly father is exactly the same mentality we must adopt towards our earthly fathers and honour them in the same way as the father relationship the devil is seeking to destroy in the flesh is the mirror image of how your relationship should be with you father – do a sincerely honest heart check, how does your relationship look with your dad look? Does it mirror the relationship you have with your heavenly father? is one better than the other and if so are you struggling to – the devil tries to destroy the understanding of what true relationships should look like and unfortunately where true love is involved it is not always going to be what you wanna hear or see when someone is correcting you or discipline you in the way they see best , but it is not up to you to dictate to God or your father how to love you best and their first and foremost mission and job is to make sure you are raised up right, not what your interests of what that may be because sometimes, more times than none, we get things wrong for ourselves and learn through mistakes! God our father and your father do not want that for you! Do not let the enemy deceive you in to thinking otherwise! Love does not lie and open rebuke (against your wrongdoing) is better than love carefully concealed, just to not hurt your feelings (Proverbs 27: 5). To just and only show you “love” they way you want it is not true love as love builds on the imperfect human you are, that kind of appeasing type of love is not love it is infatuation as true love, God’s love is long-suffering (1 Corinthians 13: 4) as it builds.

In life we sometimes get so confused on what we should be focusing on because we think we are in control as we put one foot in front of the other to walk this walk. However we are not in control of anything as by his grace, instruction and God’s sheer will for your life is the only reason why we get up each morning, can take a breath and lift up our legs to walk this walk each day therefore God should rightfully be out only audience and focus in life and we should have a sharpened vision of only him that causes us not to care about what is going on around us and before and after he instructs you to do it as we are only servants here as vessels to be used and we cannot forget that. In this unfortunate state of being unfocused from God we begin to take our mind off of the instructions God has given us and focus on how we can dictate through our feelings towards situations or people, how they should act because of how it affects you but that is not what God called you to do. God did not call you to live in your emotions and flesh to try and dictate to your parents how they should raise you as your parents are following a specific set of instructions and are being given a word by God on how to train a child up as they should go (Proverbs  22: 6) because then you are supposed to play your part and go – do not try and play a role in a story that was never assigned to you. As you are not your parent’s God that gave them that instruction, let whatever they do go or bad be between them and their God, not between you and them as you are powerless in the way this plays out as you can not see the plan and whilst you’re there busy worrying about others salvation, what is the state of yours?! Ephesians 6: 1 says ‘Children,obey your parents in the Lord for this is right.’ You are pro-longing your next move or blessing from God if you are sitting outside in the waiting room of obedience which is called ‘the lounge of disobedience’ and you can be sitting in the waiting room, being disobedient about something God has called you do and be in that spot for 3 months, 1 year and 50 years if you do not step out of that room of disobedience and enter the room of obedience and obey and honour. When God present your name to be called in that lounge jump at the opportunity to enter the room of obedience where you can take the opportunity to fix it like on a a day like fathers day to pour out God’s love – seize every opportunity (Ephesians 5: 16) to exit the realm of disobedience and honour your father, step up to the call God is giving you to turn your situation around. I learnt that through obedience to the instruction God has given you even though it may be painful to endure or be subject to there is always a better outcome on the other side, I was taught this through a revelation I had in disciplining my dog Dixon – I don’t have children (yet in Jesus name!) so my dog-child will have to do ahha!

I was sweeping up after Dixon one day after he made a complete and utter mess with one of his toy he ripped up (check out my ‘MollyMonstz’ on here with my Vlogs which rants this kind of behaviour *rolls eyes*) and I was looking at him looking at me with his sorry ass face in his play pen I locked him in and I was pitying him toying with the idea to let him out. However the Holy Spirit quickly entered the room to teaching me an understanding about my spiritual relationship. God show showed me he and I are like Dixon and I. He is my father and I am his child. I choose to act, he doesn’t punish me but allows me to go through the pain of the growth that must come with it if it was the wrong action. He doesn’t abandon my call, which is why I was still letting Dixon out to eat and go outside, but we and in Dixon’s position when it’s our Heavenly father dealing with us, must go through the pain to be free from captivity of the sin to get the beauty of it. I didn’t want to punish him just as God doesn’t want us to be hurt, but it is necessary to make him in who I want him to be which is a great.  I was able through the relationship I have with God, tap in to the understanding of how God our father and I as Dixon’s mum, sees us in our different seasons of growth and how strong he has to be because of how much he loves us enough to see it through to the end as he sees how that growth will be life changing, even though Dixon was over there looking sorry, much like we are usually before God after he convicts us about a sin we come to say sorry for. He doesn’t buy it and won’t move you on till the captivity of the sin is gone.

The Holy Spirit spoke quickly again and made me aware of the difference between saying sorry (asking for forgiveness) and actually meaning your sorry and really meaning that you will never do it again, parents know the difference as they know their children. God will not stop putting you through seasons, which some may look like different scenarios as I don’t only discipline Dixon when he rips up toys but for other things too, the 3 underlying principles that is remain present during every ‘season’ or disciplining session with is that 1) He loves you 2) He doesn’t want to hurt you 3) But this is necessary for you, not for God although ultimately he will benefit from it in the bigger picture. The last one is the most important as God goes out of his way to create us and shape us, that takes effort as does it take double the effort to go an discipline Dixon and then go and clean up after him – why wouldn’t I just save the effort and deal with the cleaning? Because I don’t want him to have to keep getting disciplined as it’s not nice, but beneficial – God see’s us the same way as do our parents. They love us enough that the charge God gave them over your life, they must complete to train us up accordingly, which is more important to stay steadfast on than to submit to your ‘sorry face/emotions’ that indicate you have felt but haven’t learnt and fail you in their God-given. That would be a job half done and as that leads to destruction and as once you grow up,  you do adult things (1 Corinthian 13: 11) you have left their protection and be easy prey for the enemy to use as he wishes as forms of weapons in this world if they did not train you up properly in the way of the Lord. Your parents are training you, honour them for their labour, their charge from the Lord that they must stay faithful to and honour them for honouring God and never being disobedient. I want you to understand this story and have it in the back of your mind to reflect on how God works through relationships so they must all reflect your relationship with him. Dixon is now a changed dog, he hardly if ever  steps out and does something or has the same issues before (sound familiar like when God changes up permanently and we don’t repeat the same sins no more and we move up levels with him?) and I am thankful for God giving me the strength to see me through the disciplining seasons as its no easy, show the same grace and understanding to your parents.

Okay, so some people’s parents don’t quite fulfil the meaning or role of that word. Alright, that’s fine because you know why? That is not your account to give God on your day of judgement (Romans 14: 12), it is theirs. We just need to focus, stand upright and remain blameless and do as we are instructed for our own good. You may think that they may have not been a mum or dad when you needed them to be. Or they don’t understand you. Or even that they must not love you at times (which is just crazy as they wouldn’t of had you) but the fact is, when we even think or entertain these thoughts or similar thoughts we play right in to the hands of the devil when we rebel against our parents because he doesn’t want yo to turn the other cheek, he wants and likes you heart hard and its a double win because he has broken your home. Don’t sin through disobedience and cause two wrongs from what could have been one to fix. The understanding of what home is has been tarnished by you being led in the flesh to rebel against your parents as you want independence etc, you know Satan rebelled against his father as he thought he knew best too? I think we all know how that turned out and will turn out because God wins. Let God win now before its too late and the devil would have distracted you long enough with a hard heart that God couldn’t enter it and dwell there. Do not let the devil rob your God-given place in heaven at his right hand side because of the sacrifice of love he gave us. Do not let the enemy win.

God made no mistake on who he called to be your parents trust me. The truth of the matter is whatever you may think of your parents, bottom line is that they love you and only want to do the best by you and for you. So when God allows some irresponsible fathers to leave that same fact applies too, your heavenly father is giving you his very best, he is giving you direct access and focus to be placed on him so it allows you to honour live and direct in the physical and spiritual with no middle man! He still remains father and motherless to the mother and fatherless and trust me when I say this that he has not forgotten you, you are just being raised up differently just like everyone else is in the world, no parents or household is the same. This isn’t anything or even a burden to carry with sorrow as honestly speaking it is better as you learn to see spiritual things way before most people in life which is a true and utter blessing as you are able to practice discernment because you know your father and had to carefully listen to hear and feel him properly through prayer. You have also benefited from God not allowing any human to mess up your destiny in a physical form of a father that is supposed to replicate him in heaven as God is not cowardly and too weak to overcome the plot of the devil to destroy relationships, so God will never allow another imperfect and frail man on earth to come and taint the view of who a father is supposed to be (which is a mirror of him) to come and destroy your God ordained destiny (Ezekiel 18: 2-3) Nope. No way. Never. God will only place another father in your life that is capable to be someone who steps up, honours God, is submissive on to God, a leader, a protector, a provider, a strong hand, a comforter, a teacher, someone who instils values in you, instils honour, guides you, disciplines you and loves you in a way that he is willing to sacrifice his life for you – that is the only type of father on earth God will allow to remain in your life.

If your father is still in the picture but isn’t these things, pray hard and petition and pray earnestly, remembering the grace God gives you daily for your transgressions and remembering that your parents just as simply humans are subject to the exact same attacks in life by the devil that we are also subject to as they are not superheros and do sometimes get things wrong. Pray that the hold the enemy has over your father’s destiny to be the things and more is released and broken in the mighty name of Jesus and pray that the man God ordained and placed him in your life to be shall come to pass in the mighty name of Jesus and God is not a man that should lie, therefore your father thus says the Lord are those things. Amen! God made no mistake on who your parents were. Not one mistake, whether or not you choose to see the beauty in what God has given you to sometimes cultivate you in love and sometimes through challenges, it always boils down to how you perceive a circumstance to get the outcome you desire. Our parents were given a love so deep for us it actually surpasses our understanding of what we think love is its that deep but it is because of the connection you have. By blood, by proximity and by a relationship we built with them through vulnerability we were as a child. That is exactly what God is desiring from all us in a deep and challenging way, as we all know we may fight scream and kick about how we feel about our parents but when it boils down to it we run back to our God given family and we find a solace and peace in them if we a humble enough to see the beauty in what God has given. That’s exactly what you wants from you. Don’t let the devil win. Shine your God given light of the world (Matthew 5:14) as it drives our darkness. Love trumps hate and conquers all, love our heavenly father by honouring your father and open the floodgates of heaven to fulfil that which he has promised to you that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth because of the honour we give on to God. Amen.


I would suggest taking a physical step of faith that God has gone before you to help honour your father on Fathers day (or any day of the year) by using your fathers ‘ Love Language’ which can be words of affirmation, gifts, touching, acts of service or quality time to get the ball rolling (link which explains what they are and how effective they are) – it would be extremely effective in communicating honour and do so much for your relationship. As God loved us first before we could love him, he made this relationship with him possible so in the same way love your earthly father first and invest yourself vulnerably in him and you will be fulfilling the law of the word and filling up your love tanks. Love wins. We win. God wins.

Till next time,



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"Your courage and strength is making me go back and look at what God wanted me to do in a tough time"

Beatrice G

"Sometimes in praying for others you find your own purpose in the process. One selfless act can lead to a deeper understanding of your calling and destiny. While praying words for The Walk, I actually found the title to my next mixtape project which I had been asking God for. Each day I realise I am STRONGER with him than without him."

Tope C

In fasting for The Walk: "I haven't done a dry fast in a while because of my migraine issues but today I've been able! I even went to the gym without my head acting upI'm so happy!! Walk with me is already releasing it's blessings!"

Edwina L

"Monty's story has i nspired me tot have faith in God's plans for my life above my own. I have been strengthened in my ability to trust the journey of faith that I'm on ad to allow God to comfort me. I've been reminded that growth occurs through dificult times and God will not give me more than I can handle!"

Ezim C

"Even fasting for this blog launch has helped my spirit life, I had never used prayer points for each hour of the day whilst fasting. Going forward I will be doing this as it helped me stay focused on the reason I was fasting!"

Bim O